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Emhlabeni Wabantu - Earth People SA

a Blue Blue Earth campaign initiative

Do you want to align the energies at your property with Ubuntu Consciousness?

We visit urban, peri-urban and rural properties with the view to align the energies prior to beginning a new income stream, project or venture. These sometimes unfold in unexpected and disruptive ways that take about eighteen months to re-align. The spiritual goal is to do our best to attain the level of ubuntu consciousness, through the baseline Noahide Code. Keeping these laws of compassion has the potential to pay dividends…

Sole proprietorships Consultations

These consultations are available to people who own a micro-business. Owners are on their own or employ no more than two people. The cost of this consultation may be shared by a maximum of 5 independent business owners attending a session together.


Small Businesses (SME) Consultations

These consultations are available to business owners who manage their own businesses. They employ three people or more. If the business is a partnership, all partners may attend the day’s session.

Medium-sized businesses Consultations

These consultations are available to farmers who employ a maximum of a hundred workers with a maximum turnover of R5 million per year.


Shareholding Consultations

1.8% shareholding for collaborations over eighteen months, with payout in the fifth year.

Our Offerings:

Emhlabeni Wabantu (earth people SA) is a Campaign for a Blue Blue Earth Initiative.

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